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M12 Hall effect gear speed sensor

Brand : KJTDQ
Product origin : Jiangsu, China
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M12 Gear speed sensor for  Textile Industry



The sensor adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve the velocity measurement, It has a large output signal, No need to zoom, Anti-Interference, No external power supply needed, Can be used in harsh environment like Smoke, Oil and Gas, Water Vapors and so on. It can be replaced with the same kind of foreign products. Our products are mainly supplied with steam turbine, We have already imported 3 0 0 M W, 6 0 0 M W supporting units, It is widely used in national defense chemical industry, Textile and other fields.

Working Principle:
Before using make sure the gear is mounted on the shaft for speed measurement traight, Helical or Grooved disk gear all can be used ount the sensor on the bracket, Adjust the Clarence between the sensor and the gear tooth to be approx. 1mm. When the gear starts rotating with the shaft, According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, a voltage pulse signal is generated at both ends of the internal coil of the sensor, The Z-voltage pulse signal is generated when the axis is rotated, According to the type. flush
Given that NPN= Measured shaft speed in Rotation/Minute, Z= Number of gear teeth.
When the gear tooth number is 60, the rotation of the axis is converted to a voltage pulse signal with frequency of f, and the signal is sent to the corresponding digital speed.

How to Install:
Gear Requirements:
Gear Material:All kinds of magnetic steel materials are usable.
Gear Modulus:More than 2
Number of teeth:60

It is very sensitive to magnetic metal.
It is used for counting, locating and testing on the gears, rack or uneven magnetic metal.
Withstand harsh environment, such as oil, water, dust, etc.
Excellent resolution and high repeatability.
Frequency response,In-between 0 H z ~3 3 K H z can be used.
Anti-electromagnetic interference is large.
Suitable for MURATA 33H, NO741, 777, 778...Winding head friction roller, spindle, traverse shaft speed probe, (PG1, PG2, PG3 Model No. PA1015A) ; TEIJIN winding head, spindle and the traverse speed probe, (PU2, PU3 and PU4 Model No. EM- 014), high-speed drawing frame and so on.

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