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EX34H35 Gear Speed Sensors

Brand : KJTDQ
Product origin : Jiangsu, China
Delivery time : Shanghai,China
Supply capacity : 1000 pcs/mouths



Signal Output: the signal frequency is proportional to the target speed

Thread Length: 3.5" 3/4"-20 UNEF-2A thread

                0-20 kHz Frequency Range

Housing: 3/4"-20 UNEF-2A, tightening torque: max. 40 Nm

Connection: 10' Cable for explosion applications

Coil Inductance: 170 mH +/-10% at 1 kHz

Coil Resistance: 2950 Ohm +/-10%

Coil Magnet Polarity: South pole towards front face

Operating Temperature: -104-257°F (-40-125°C)

Protection: IP68 (Sensor) / IP67 (Cable)

Insulation: housing and electronics galvanically isolated (Test: 500V, 50 Hz for 1 minute)



The KJT EX34H35 series Variable Reluctance Speed (VRS) sensors consist of an iron core, an inductive coil and a permanent magnet. A ferrous pole wheel passing the sensor face changes the magnetic field strength, resulting in an AC Voltage being induced in the coil. The frequency of the output signal is proportional to the speed of the moving target. The amplitude of the signal depends on speed, air gap, geometry of the target, magnetic properties of the target material and the electrical load. VRS sensors, also known as passive or electromagnetic sensors, do not require an external supply.


The EX34H35 is specifically designed for use in explosive atmospheres.

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VRS Sensors

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3/4-20 UNEF-2A

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